1 person sofa bed

Sofa bed 1 person
A sofa bed is a multifunctional piece of furniture that allows you to make the best use of the space in your home. Whether you live large or small, a sofa that can double as an (extra) sleeping place is always handy. By day, the furniture is just a fine or luxurious sofa on which you can relax with a book or a series on TV. At night when you want to go to sleep, you transform the sofa into a comfortable bed in no time. Sofa beds are available for two people and for one person. But we also have a sleeping ottoman, sofas with a sleeping function for two people, luxury sofa beds, and a 1 person sleeping chair. Read all about our 1 person sofa bed below!
Characteristics of a good sofa bed
The main feature of a sofa bed is that it is a bed and sofa in one. Using a folding system, you fold the sofa into a bed, and vice versa. As a result, the furniture has multiple functions. Especially in homes with limited space, a sofa bed makes for smart furnishings. Use the furniture for yourself, as your own bed, or as a guest bed when you have a lodger over. This way you don’t have to offer your family or friends an air mattress on the floor, but you easily have a comfortable bed ready for them.
Sofa bed with mattress
A good sofa bed is extremely comfortable. As a sofa, the furniture should sit well, and when you use it as a bed, then of course a good night’s sleep is important. In recent years, sofa beds have advanced greatly in terms of comfort. When buying a 1-person sofa bed, the question is what the sofa bed will be used for. How often will it be slept on? If the answer is regular, then it is important to select a sofa bed to match. For advice on the right sleeper sofa, contact The Sleeper Sofa Center.
Different types of sofa beds for 1 person
There is an awful lot of choice in sofa beds for one person. The fold-out systems come in all kinds and there are also many different designs for sofa beds. A folding bed 1 person falls into the category of small sofa beds. Within this category, the choice is still very large.
Sofa bed
First of all, let’s consider the term sofa bed and its differences from the term bed sofa. Actually, these words are synonyms of each other, but in the furniture industry they mean slightly different things.
A sofa bed is a sofa where it cannot be seen that it contains a bed. This involves a separate system of sitting and sleeping. A sofa bed is more like a bed that you can turn into a sofa with a few extra pillows. Removing the back cushions already makes the furniture a bed. So the mattress is used for sitting and sleeping on.
Fold out to the front
The classic sofa bed: a forward tilting system that allows you to unfold the sofa into a bed. These sofas take up the space in front of the furniture and form an elongated bed. With a separate mattress for the sleeping position and pillows for the sitting position, this is a so-called separate system.
Transverse sleeper
One of the best known types of sofa beds is the transverse sleeper. In this, the bed extends across the width of the sofa. With a 1-person sofa bed, there is then no need to unfold the sofa to turn it into a bed. So the bed is no bigger than the sofa and you don’t have to make room to unfold the sofa bed. So a real 2-in-1 solution where all you have to do is put a blanket on top. Ready to use!
Sleeping chair
In addition to the transverse sleeper, there are sleeper sofas that look more like a chair when folded. So actually it is better to call this a 1 person sleeping chair. This piece of furniture is very convenient because it takes up even less space than a sofa bed. With a sleeping chair, you unfold the entire back of the chair into a bed.
Sleeping puff
The last type of sofa bed is one that is somewhat less common, namely the sleeping ottoman. A pouf, of course, is already ideal for placing next to a sofa to create a place for feet to rest. Or to put down a nice wooden tray for some drinks and snacks. How convenient would it be if even this pouf could become a bed in an instant? It doesn’t get more compact.
More inspiration
Of course, sofa beds are also available for two people. These systems are larger than the single sofa bed and comfortable enough for two people to sleep on. An overview of all 2 person sofa beds can be found on our 2 person sofa beds collection page. This furniture is even available as a corner sofa bed!
Different brands of sofa beds
At The Sleeper Sofa Center, we love quality products with attractive prices. Therefore, we mainly sell products from 4 carefully selected brands. As a result, we offer a wide range of single sofa beds.
Our brands are:
Innovation living
Milano bedding
Innovation Living
Sofa bed manufacturer Innovation Living is a Danish company. In their designs, design and functionality go hand in hand. The focus is on creating innovative, sustainable furniture for everyday use.
We sell many different 1 person sofa beds from Innovation Living. Cross sleepers, sofas with or without side supports and a choice of mattresses. For example, you can choose from a foam mattress with a cover layer of fiberfill, a latex mattress, a pocket spring mattress and a softspring mattress. One of our best-selling sofa beds is the Innovation Cubed.
Innovation Living is an all-purpose brand with sofa beds that are very beautiful to look at.
An absolutely top brand in the field of sofa beds is Pol74. They have been making stylish sofa/bed combinations at their factory in northern Italy since 1962. Quality is paramount at Pol74, which is why they choose only the best materials for their products. Great attention is paid to the details of the furniture, making the style feel very personal.
Pol74’s sofa beds are mostly forward-folding versions. At first glance, this furniture looks like (corner) sofas where the sleeping function is sort of hidden. Stylish and multifunctional!
Milano Bedding
The third brand you can find in our showroom and web shop is Milano Bedding. Again, an Italian manufacturer with high quality sleep and bed sofas.
Milano bedding’s sofa beds are available in both single and double sizes. All furniture combines design, comfort and technology, allowing a sofa bed to rival a bed and a sofa in comfort.
At Sleep Sofa Center, we are fans of Italian brands. So is the Dienne brand, which is entirely focused on customer satisfaction. In fact, this flexible supplier not only makes beautiful sofa beds at a good price but can also customize them to your liking.
For example, if you have a suitable sofa in mind, but the armrest is just too wide, at Dienne they will simply make you a sofa with a narrower armrest. We love that! Selling Dienne sofa beds allows us to meet the needs of our customers even more.
Our last brand we would like to introduce to you is a German name: Nehl. Nehl is characterized by good quality and reliability. Atmospheric sofas with striking designs are no stranger to this manufacturer. With a wide selection of sofas and fabrics, there’s always a 1-person sofa for you.
Nehl’s sofa beds are easy to convert thanks to convenient systems. Available in different sizes and also with different mattress firmnesses. The Nehl sofa beds are simply very good.
Buy 1 person sofa bed?
Once you’ve decided to buy a single sofa bed, it’s good to know what you want. Beforehand, measure how much space you have in the place where you want to put the sofa bed. Also map out your needs. For example, what kind of fabric do you want? And what kind of mattress should the sofa bed have? Once you know what you want, we will help you further in making the perfect choice.
With our large 1000m2 showroom in Sliedrecht, you can come see and test your bed sofa. Come test sit and test lie and fold the sofa bed in and out yourself once. That way you know exactly what you are buying! Also, our expert staff can provide you with advice if you want help buying a 1 person sofa bed.
In addition, we have a bunch of showroom models on sale as standard and you will also find offers in our showroom. Often these are models whose fabric is going out of the collection so they can go away at a discount. So feel free to take a look at our sale sofa beds.
All our products are covered by a 3-year warranty. In addition, all our sofas are delivered to your home free of charge in the Netherlands, Belgium and the German border region.
Are you looking for a 1 bed sofa? With us you can find all sofa beds, corner sofa beds and sofa beds. Our wide range of sofa beds offers a suitable sofa bed for everyone. From sofas that fold forward and cross sleepers to 1 person sleeping chairs and poufs. Stop by and experience it for yourself!
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