Bed Cabinets

A bedside cabinet is the perfect space-saving solution for your home. It is also ideal for small apartments or rooms where you need an extra bed for guests. The big advantage is that you can use your own mattress, making it as comfortable as a normal bed. The maximum mattress thickness that will fit in all bedside cabinets is indicated.

Because it can be quickly and easily folded and is immediately out of sight, a bedside cabinet is also useful as an extra guest bed.

A bedside cabinet folds out horizontally (called cross sleepers; you sleep parallel to the wall) or vertically. ( you sleep with your head to the wall.), and is available as a single bed or a double bed.

Horizontal bedside cabinets come in sleep size 90 / 190 cm. ( Model Florenz ) 90 / 200 cm. and 140 / 200 cm. These cabinets come standard without a mattress.

So if you want a full-fledged and space-saving alternative to a real bed, don’t hesitate and order your bedside cabinet today.