Corner sofa bed

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The first thing you will probably notice about this section is that there are more regular sofa beds with a footstool in front of them than true corner sofa beds.

We did this because it does have more or less the same effect as a corner sleeper sofa and also because it is very common for customers to come in to us for a corner sleeper sofa, but then it quickly turns out that because of the space in the room where the sofa is to be, the size of most corner sofas is too large. Often, unfortunately for us, a sofa bed ends up in the smallest room, where then the lodgers can sleep, and in addition, that same space is then used as a study and / or hobby room.

So it usually becomes a sofa bed with a longchair attached or a sofa bed with a separate pouf in front of it. This also gives you a bit more flexibility, so you can put it in a different position again.