Here’s how to make a sofa bed even more comfortable

Are you looking for the perfect balance of functionality and comfort? A comfortable sofa bed may be the solution. But how do you make a sofa bed even more comfortable? The answer begins with the choice of sofa bed and ends with an essential accessory: a topper or top mattress for a sofa bed.

Buying a good sofa bed

A comfortable sofa bed starts with the basics: a quality sofa bed. Although some people are quick to think of cheap budget sofas like those from Jysk, Kwantum or an Ikea sofa bed, it is important to understand that there really is a big difference between these sofas, and the sofa beds coming from real sofa bed manufacturers.

Reputable brands such as Innovation Living and Pol74 invest significantly more in research and development to offer products that combine comfort, durability and style.

The difference between a cheap Ikea sofa bed and a good sofa bed

The difference between a cheap sofa bed and a more expensive, high-quality sofa bed can manifest itself in several aspects. An important factor is the mattress used. Unlike the Ikea sofa bed, luxury sofa beds often have a real mattress. The type of mattress can have a significant impact on the comfort level, the longevity of the sofa bed and the quality of your sleep.

In cheaper models from Ikea, for example, you often see that the base and slatted base are of poor quality. In some models, your mattress even lies directly on the floor! This leaves you with no support at all when lying down which, of course, means you don’t sleep well either.

The better brands often do offer proper support because attention has been paid to a good slatted base. A slatted base helps to support the body and airflow around the mattress, ensuring a better night’s sleep.

So by choosing a good sofa bed, at least you already have a good foundation for a comfortable night’s sleep!

A topper or cover mattress for your sofa bed

Want to make the sofa bed even more comfortable?

One of the best ways to do this is to get a topper or cover mattress for a sofa bed. This extra layer adds an extra comfort factor, adapts to the contours of your body, provides extra support and extends the life of your mattress.

A topper for a sofa bed is not only a great way to add comfort, but it also improves sleep quality by reducing motion sensitivity and providing extra warmth during the colder months.

So are you looking for a cover mattress for a sofa bed? At The Sleeper Sofa Center, you can find toppers for different sizes!

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