Horizontal folding bed

Advantages horizontal folding bed
A horizontal folding bed folds out from the side. Thus, the folding bed lies lengthwise against the bedside cabinet. A major advantage of this is that the folding bed takes up relatively little space when unfolded.
In fact, the folding bed does not protrude much more than the bed width of the bed.
So with a horizontal folding bed, the bed does always stand against a wall. This, of course, makes it a little more difficult to get in and out of bed when there are two of you. Do you regularly sleep 2 people in a folding bed? Then check out our vertical folding beds.
1 person or 2 person horizontal folding bed
Horizontal folding beds are available in a variety of sizes. Because a horizontal folding bed is placed against the wall when unfolded, most models are sold as a 1-person folding bed.
A horizontal folding bed is space-saving
Because this folding bed takes up less space when unfolded (only the bed width), a horizontal model folding bed is popular in narrower rooms.
When you close the folding bed again, only a relatively shallow closet remains.
As a bedside cabinet, a horizontal folding bed is wider than a vertical folding bed, though. This is because the total width is at least 200cm (the bed length).
However, the advantage is that the bed case of a horizontal folding bed is usually a bit lower than that of a vertical model. When folded, therefore, it looks more like a low cabinet or sideboard in terms of appearance.