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How does a sofa bed work?

A sofa bed is more than a seat. It is a combined piece of furniture that functions as both a sofa and a bed, making it ideal for small spaces, guest rooms or as an extra sleeping place. In this blog, we dive deeper into “how does a sofa bed work?”, the different systems used, and what to look for when buying a sofa bed.

Type of sofa beds

When you ask yourself “how does a sofa bed work?” you are actually asking about the way it folds out or how you turn it into a bed and thus the type of sofa bed.

Basically, there are two ways in which you can sleep on a sofa bed, namely, on a real mattress you unfold and do not have to sit on. Or you sleep on the cushions you also sit on.

How does a sofa bed with a real mattress work?

When you buy a sofa bed to sleep on more often, it is wise to choose a sofa bed where you lie on a real mattress. This mattress is hidden under the seat of your sofa. To unfold the bed, there is a sturdy loop in the gap between the backrest and the seat of your sofa. When you pull the loop, the separate mattress comes out. On the part you pull out are extra legs that ensure your mattress and slatted base have support. Underneath your mattress is a “regular” slatted base. Sofa beds with a real mattress come in single sofa beds as well as double sofa beds.

When you sleep on the seat cushions, you can answer the question, “how does a sofa bed work?” in a number of ways. For example, sometimes you can fold the backrest back and there are also 1-person sofa beds where all you have to do is pull the seat of the sofa forward and then unfold two legs. There are also sofa beds where you have to pull one of those same loops in the space between the seat and the backrest and then you can unfold the bed. You then sleep on the seat and on a part of the seat that was hidden at the bottom of the sofa.

Which sofa bed do I choose?

When you’re trying to answer the question, “How does a sofa bed work?” are trying to answer because you want to sleep on it every night, then of course a sofa bed with a real mattress is a must. These sofa beds sleep really well and provide support for your back.

The appearance of these sofas today is also very stylish, and from the outside you often do not see that it is a sofa bed.

If you occasionally want guests to sleep on your sofa bed, a variant where you sleep on the seating area is also a good option.

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