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Buying a folding bed: conveniently online or in our showroom. At the Sleep Sofa Center, you can choose from several types of folding beds. You have the choice of various models, and of course colors.
Folding beds we sell as both vertical folding beds and horizontal folding beds.

The great advantage of a folding bed is that your bed takes up virtually no space in the room. This is because you fold your bed up against the wall. You can also choose to integrate it into a bedside cabinet, allowing your bed to blend unobtrusively and invisibly into the rest of your interior.
Rollaway beds in different sizes
Just like any other bed, folding beds are available in different sizes.
Briefly, you can choose a folding bed as a 1 person folding bed or a 2 person folding bed.
A folding bed is light and easy to fold up
Thanks to the special mechanism, a folding bed is very easy and light to fold. So although you fold up a full-sized bed against the wall, this is easy for anyone to do with little effort and strength.
Wondering how this works in practice? Of course you are welcome to visit our showroom in Sliedrecht where we always have a number of folding beds in stock.
Vertical folding bed
With a vertical folding bed, you basically fold up the foot end. Since this is also the narrowest part of the bed, a vertical folding bed therefore takes up the least amount of space. However, with a vertical folding bed, you do have to deal with a higher closet of at least 200cm in height.
So with a vertical folding bed, you lie with your pillow facing the wall/closet.
So if you do have the height at your disposal, but do not want an overly wide bedside cabinet, then a vertical folding bed is the best choice.
View our vertical folding beds here
Horizontal folding bed
A horizontal folding bed basically folds up through the side. Folded out you then have a bed where you can compare it to a bed that you have 1 side against the wall.
This gives you a somewhat lower closet, with the height of the closet depending on the sleeping width of the bed.
So a horizontal folding bed is lower but wider because it is at least 200 cm wide.
In general, a horizontal folding bed is particularly the best choice if you are looking for a 1-person folding bed where you prefer a slightly lower bedside cabinet.
View all of our horizontal folding beds here
Folding bed as a bedside cabinet
Do you really want an almost invisible solution for a bed? Then the bedside cabinet is the solution. The bed blends invisibly into a closet wall so no one will notice that there is actually another bed in the room.
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Both online and in our showroom in Sliedrecht
At The Sleeper Sofa Center, you will find many more solutions for comfortable (extra) sleeping options. View our range of sofa beds, sofa chairs and bedside cabinets; or visit our showroom in Sliedrecht.
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You can buy a folding bed quickly, easily and securely online at The Sleeper Sofa Center.
Delivery and assembly is free of charge within the Netherlands and Belgium (with the exception of the Wadden Islands).
Payment can be made easily and securely via iDeal or bank transfer.
Because The Sleep Sofa Center is CBW recognized you are also assured of good warranty.