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Sofa bed: sleeping and sitting comfortably
At The Sleep Sofa Center, we have a wide range of comfortable and beautiful sofa beds.

Wondering how these sit and lie in real life? In our showroom in Sliedrecht we always have a large collection of sofa beds, bedcases and folding beds on display so you can see them in real life!
What types of sofa beds are there?
Briefly, there are 2 types of sofa beds.
In one sofa bed, the mattress is used twice, both for sitting and sleeping.

In the other type of sofa bed, sitting and sleeping are separated. You sit on the seat cushions and you sleep on a separate mattress.
We would like to explain the difference to you.
Sofa bed “flip over” model
In this type of sofa bed, you sit on the mattress. This eliminates the need for an entire mechanism to be hidden away, so the model is often very “airy” to look at. You use the mattress both as a couch to sit on, and as a bed to sleep on.
Looking for this type of sofa bed? Innovation Living is a well-known brand that specializes in making this type of sofa bed, with comfort and design being hallmarks of this Danish brand.
Sofa bed “fold out” model
This type of sofa bed has a special mechanism with mattress built into the sofa. Because the seat cushions have nothing to do with the mattress, the sofa sits like a couch and sleeps like a real bed! This makes this type of sofa bed very suitable for everyday use, both as a comfortable sofa, and as a wonderful bed.
Looking for a sofa bed like this? Then check out the range from Pol74, Dienne or Milano Bedding.
What is the most luxurious sofa bed?
Sofa beds from Pol74 and Milano Bedding, among others, are among the best and are considered the Rolls Royce of sofa beds. These sofa beds are almost all “dressed up.” That is, the entire mechanism has been given a jacket that gives you the ulitimate bed feel.
All sofa beds with this system have a fully removable cover. They come in all the usual sleep sizes, such as 80, 90, 120, 140, 160 and sometimes even 180 cm wide. There are also a couple with 2 twin beds in one sofa bed. 2 x 80 or 2 x 90 cm.

These are sofa beds with a “fold-out” design that makes them great sleepers.
Sofa bed with a real mattress
So because there is a separate mattress with these sofa beds, you can often choose from a Polyether, Innerspring and Pocket spring mattress. There are also sofa beds where you have the choice of a memory foam or cold foam mattress.

Looking for a sofa with an interchangeable cover? Then check out the sofa beds from Italian manufacturer Dienne. This stylish Italian brand also has a large choice of mattress sizes: single 70, 80 and 90 wide. Doublers or narrow 2-person sofa beds: 100, 115 and 120 cm. broad. Regular double bed sofas with 140 and 160 cm wide mattresses and even the extra wide sleeping sizes of 170 – 185 cm are all among the options with this beautiful brand.
Different types of sofa bed
Are you looking for a sofa bed? Then, of course, it starts with choosing between sizes!

Would you like your lodgers to sleep on a 1 bed sofa or a double bed sofa?

Or might a corner sofa bed be useful in that spot in the room?
1 person sofa bed
It may seem logical to choose a 2-person sofa bed by default, yet there can be plenty of reasons to go for a 1-person sofa bed!

This way, it naturally takes up less space, making it ideal if you don’t have a lot of space or just for add-ons.

View all 1 person sofa beds here
2 person sofa bed
As the name suggests, a double sofa bed gives space for 2 people to sleep comfortably.
It is actually the most sold type of sofa bed, but of course you have to have the space for it (although we also sell beautiful compact 2 person sofa beds that do not take up too much space). Within the 2 person sofa bed category, you can then distinguish again by price and quality.
A corner sofa bed
Looking for a nice lazy hanging sofa to spend an evening watching Netflix? Then a corner sofa bed is the ideal sofa! In terms of system, it resembles no other sofa bed in our collection. For example, it is excellent for “home theater” (or just in front of the TV)
The advantage of this sofa bed is that when you slide the sofa into the “lounge position,” you have a double longchair, so there is no need to “fight” for the best spot!
The sleeping size is very generous at a whopping 170 x 200 cm, and of course this sofa bed can be ordered in different configurations.
Transverse sleeper
Cross sleepers are sofa beds that are at least 2 meters wide. In fact, you sleep in the width of the sofa bed. Since a bed length of 2 meters is common for a good night’s sleep, this is automatically also the width of the sofa. An example of such a model is Innovation Living’s Cassius d.e.l. sofa bed. The total outside dimension is 230 cm. Each arm is 15 cm wide and the mattress 200 cm long so that the total width of the sofa comes to 230 cm.