Vertical folding bed

Vertical folding bed
A vertical folding bed is the most popular choice for a folding bed. This is because with a vertical folding bed you lie with the headboard facing the wall/cabinet. This also makes it the most comfortable when 2 people are in bed. Also, a vertical folding bed tends to be a bit narrower than a horizontal folding bed.
This is because the width of this type of bed is determined by the sleeping width.
We sell vertical folding beds in different models, colors and mattress sizes.
This model is therefore available as a vertical folding bed 1 person or a vertical folding bed 2 persons.
A vertical folding bed against the wall
A vertical folding bed is ideal if you need more space in the (bedroom). Thanks to the special mechanism, it takes virtually no effort or strength to fold a folding bed back against the wall.
Of course, a vertical folding bed is ideal as a guest bed, but a folding bed is also great for everyday use.
Because you are using a real mattress, you are as comfortable lying on a folding bed as you are in a normal standard bed or box spring.
You can also just leave the bedding on the bed when you want to fold it down again. Just straighten your comforter and secure it with the fastening straps.
Then fold the folding bed up against the wall with a simple motion and you have a both your bed and bedroom tidy!
Because you also fold up a folding bed so easily, vacuuming under the bed is also as easy and common as vacuuming in your room.
Advantages vertical folding bed over horizontal folding bed
Of course, which model of folding bed is most suitable for you depends on several factors.
The biggest advantages to choosing a vertical folding bed versus a horizontal folding bed are:
You sleep with your headboard against the wall
If you sleep in pairs, you can each get in and out of bed on your own side
Takes up less space because it is narrower
Virtually invisible and unobtrusive in your interior
Try out vertical folding bed
Are you curious about how a folding bed really works and looks in practice? In our 1000m2 showroom we have a wide range of both vertical folding beds and horizontal folding beds.
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So do you want to make the best use of space? An inconspicuous bed for yourself or your lodgers?
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