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CBW recognized

Are you looking for a sofa bed, sofa bed, folding bed, sleeping chair or a bedside cabinet? Our showroom is home to the largest collection of sofa beds and bedside cabinets in the country.

You will find over 150 different sofa beds in our store. In addition, we have a large selection of bedside cabinets. If you need a sleeper sofa or bedside cabinet quickly, please look at Sale and Show models, they are always quick to deliver. We deliver free of charge in the Netherlands and Belgium and the German border region.

Our showroom consists of two floors. On the first floor you will find all well-known brands such as Pol74, Milano Bedding, Dienne and Sofabed. These sofa beds all have the same system, there is a mattress in each sofa bed, so the seat cushions have nothing to do with the mattress.

On the second floor you will find something unique: Innovation Living’s sofa beds are for sale worldwide but only with us can you see the entire collection! We have enjoyed selling Innovation Living sofa beds for 30 years.

Throughout the showroom you will find various arrangements of bedside cabinets. 1 person, 2 person, horizontal and vertical everything can be seen. We sell bedside cabinets from the German manufacturer Nehl and from the Belgian manufacturer Boone. Nehl’s sofa beds are also on display with us.